Large hydraulic wood splitter/ whole tree splitter with pto pump

Large hydraulic wood splitter/ whole tree splitter with pto pump

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This is our home made whole tree splitter, we had this built 3 years ago and it has been a great peice of kit for breaking down large Lumps of timber .we now process our timber in a different way hence the sale. The complete machine Is over engineered and cost allot to build when it was new as all the parts were top quality. 



The hydraulic system is a 2 stage system for the main ram creating 170lpm between 2 pumps this works well as it is very fast for the size of the ram and when the push plate hits the timber it goes in to high pressure low flow, this means you get the best of both speed and power.



The machine can also be used as a hydraulic power pack ,it has 2 auxiliary outputs 1x 170lpm 2 stage we used this to drive a second splitter and 1x flow adjustable 30-75lpm we have used this to drive cranes/saw benches/elevators.It has a hydraulically adjustable removable 3 way knife that we found best for breaking down timber, it can easily be removed by simply lifting out if you ever wanted a different knife.



The rough weight is 3500kg and the maximum log length is 38″ if you require any changes or extras adding to the machine please contact me,we always found it worked brilliant with a digger or forwarder breaking down large ugly lumps in to billets.



please come view, the machine can be seen working.



call jake on 07590915879 for any questions



no vat to be added cash on collection 





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