Nicholson Pc900 Paddock Cleaner high tip poo collector horse equestrian

Nicholson Pc900 Paddock Cleaner high tip  poo collector horse equestrian

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In excellent working condition these are the best paddock cleaners on the market.Nicholson Paddock Cleaners are manufactured in the UK with quality materials used throughout. The patented machines are extremely robust, quiet and efficient to operate and are designed to only need a low power requirement for fuel efficiency. 
Their time-honored design means they are operable in most conditions.They are effective in removing manure in grass lengths up to 10cm without the tines in use and at least 20cm, depending on conditions, with the tines in use. A tractor is required for operation with virtually any make being compatible.
Sweeping FeatureAll Nicholson Paddock Cleaners feature a unique sweeping action and a variable and extremely accurate depth control for tines and brushes. This ensures that manure; twigs, leaves, stones, pinecones and most other debris are swept up and deposited cleanly into the hopper.Tipping FeatureEmptying the hopper is simple. Using the Hydraulic ram system you can quickly and easily empty the contents of the paddock cleaner from the comfort of your tractor. With a tipping height of 1.7m, the hopper allows for convenient emptying over fenced tree lanes, into skips, trailers, compost heaps etc.PC900The PC900 is ideal for use in smaller concentrated areas or in larger paddocks for strip or spot collection. It includes the unique Nicholson design for efficiency and finish and is suitable for tractors of 17hp upwards. The effective sweeping action of the paddock cleaner ensures a smooth, non-stop operation. Regular use will improve conditions that ultimately benefit horse health and pasture growth.

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