Tractor Log Splitter Screw Type From PTO Corkscrew Compact Major

Tractor Log Splitter Screw Type From PTO Corkscrew Compact Major

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Good quality used “Major Equipment” screw type log splitter complete with PTO shaft.


CAT 1 attachment, clockwise 6 spline PTO (I used 540 rpm). Not sure on power requirement but my tractor has 50hp at PTO.



I bought this in summer to process the logs in our cellar, now surplus to requirements.



This splitter has worked well for me, more reliable and saves back ache vs using an axe and should go on for a good few seasons without attention but is not new.



I have found it very safe to use but it is advisable to rig up some form of  remote tractor engine stop cord that can be reached from rear of tractor.



There is an axe-head profile piece under the screw to aid splitting (screw pulls wood onto this).



Being overly honest there is some roughness to bearings but these are very large and have grease nipples- the screw rotates without excessive play or resistance and will be fine for ages in my opinion.



There is a tiny bit of rotational play in both PTO shaft UJs but again will be fine for ages.



The screw tip is not new so must have some wear but has worked well enough for me.



It’s not good for soft/rotten wood as screw cannot bite very well. Also not good for very small rounds as these will just rotate with the screw rather than be held stationary at base allowing screw to pull in (e.g. wide/large rounds). The screw is designed to enter into side of rounds not into ends.



The framework/base is very solid, made from very thick steel with only surface rust.



Bottom and top link are CAT 1.



This listing is only for the log splitter and PTO shaft- NOT top link/top link pin or tractor!



Splitter is 86cm wide (to end of lower pins), 90cm long and 82cm high.


Screw is 10cm diameter, tapered tip part is 18cm long.



Collection only (it should fit in most estate cars- see dimensions above, upper A-frame also unbolts/folds down if needed for transport).







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