3 Ft. Packer Roller Spiked Aerator/Aeration Lawn/ Farm/ Agri. Seed Germination

3 Ft. Packer Roller Spiked Aerator/Aeration Lawn/ Farm/ Agri. Seed Germination

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3 Ft. Wide Packer Roller Spiked lawn Aerator Farm/ Agricultural Seed Germination 



We can manufacture any size to suit you, please ask for price at sales@portapack.co.uk or 01406 366677.



Suitable for Small/compact tractor, Ride on Lawn Mover, Quad Bikes, trikes etc. Comes with Pin Hitch Tow bar. 20 extra for Ball Hitch. 



3 Point Linkage CAT 1 or CAT 2 is also available for Extra cost, Please ask our sales team for the price…



Spiked packer roller provides depth control with consolidation and is essential for moisture conservation and rapid seed germination.



For speedy aeration of larger Greens, Golf Greens, Bowling Greens, Cricket Squares,Croquet Lawns, Tennis Courts Larger Gardens etc. Fits through most doorways.



BENEFITS OF AERATION INCLUDE:Relieve compaction and promote healthier root systemImprove growth and quality of grassMaximize fertilizer inputElimate slurry run offImprove drainagereduces dependancy on expensive artificial fertiliser use


Aerating your lawn on a regular basis will allow it to breathe which in turn will keep it looking its best. Aeration is the process of pushing holes into the lawn which allows:the lawn root system to deeper penetrate the soilair to penetrate the soil and lawn rootswater to better soak into the soil and root systemfertilisers and nutrients to reach the root systembreaking up of thatchbreaking up of tight compacted soil

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