Climb Right 1/2″ X 8′ Steel Core Lanyard Kit Flipline 75221 Swivel Snap Arborist

Climb Right 1/2

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Climb Right Steel Core Lanyard Kit 1/2″ x 8′
75221Kit contains:Wire core lanyardFixed Pin Rope GrabHMS Triple Lock CarabinerSteel Swivel Snap
Fully assembledNot for use around electric lines

Made in USA in accordance with ANSI A10.14-1991. These are considered to be a fall restraint Type II system.
Before this Lanyard is used, a competent person must train the user in: the application limits, installations, proper anchoring and tie-off techniques, methods of use, inspection and storage of equipment. Specific uses will need additional specialized training. Retraining should be repeated at regular intervals. 

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