Lane cross Snow Chains Ride-On Mower Snow Plow 8 ” 16×7.50-8

Lane cross Snow Chains Ride-On Mower Snow Plow 8

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Lane cross Snow Chains Ride-On Mower Snow Plow 8 ” 16×7.50-8


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Send us a message Our Store Seller Profile Reviews Save Store Contact Snow chain Kit 16 x 7.50 8 (342702676) The figure above serves only as an example to represent the sizes.

1 set of snow chainsTire sizes 16 x 7.50 8
(here: track cross chains see Gallery picture)
For smaller vehicles such as lawn tractors, snow blowers and sweepers;
1 set = 2 pieces
Chain mesh reversible, easy to assemble
hardened steelgalvanized surfaceSimple installationType: head chain (cross connection to every 2nd link)The different sizes in the shop.Extension Kit optional consisting of 2 clamping rubber and expansion pack chains can be requested.Anli-zehle(AET)Web(Punkt)de

We are one of the last maintenance type-setter operations in Germany. Direct partner workshops, farms, builders, biogas plants, etc.)
Starter motor (+ DC motors), we make inexpensive and fast light machines and air conditioning compressors again usable.
Warranty 1 year (new parts 2 years).No replicas.
Repair is carried out with original spare parts
Large comprehensive complete parts stock for quick access. Comprehensive stock of spare parts.Daily shipping by DHL and Europe (also express delivery)GALLERY IMAGE = EXAMPLESave a few euros: Anli-zehle(t)Web(Punkt)dewww(Punkt)zehletec(Punkt).de
IMPRINTZEHLEtec dealing with vehicle requirementsINH: Heike ZacksPretzienerstr. 11, 39245 GommernFax: 039 200 777 15, e-mail: Anli-zehle(t)Web(Punkt) DE 284851009TEL: 039 200 777 0
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