Quad ATV Trailer water drinker water bowser demountable.IBC

Quad ATV Trailer water drinker water  bowser demountable.IBC

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New field drinker /water bowser. Ideal for ponies, sheep, lama, alpaca, cattle and horses.   This has been built to a high spec in the UK in order to carry the water tank when full, bear this in mind when comparing this with other trailers on the market. 



1000 litre capacity with ball cock drinker, simply tow to a field and open tap, the drinker will fill to correct level and stop. Will top up itself as required. no need to return twice daily topping up troughs etc. 



Tank easily removed (demountable) so trailer can be used for other dutys behind the quad ATV (round bale transport gardening etc)



Heavy duty steel construction using 5mm steel.



4x branded high speed tyres with correct  ply rating and load bearing capacity. Many ATV trailers available  for this application have quad/ATV tyres only, that have an insufficient/incorrect ply rating and load bearing making these DANGEROUS when loaded. 



Each tyre on this trailer has a 375kg rating. 375 x 4 = 1500kg capacity. that is enough for 1000 litres of water plus trailer. A tank loaded is in excess of 1ton.



This is an important factor to consider when buying a trailer. Many manufactures fit unrated tyres. We have even seen bowsers on the market with 1 axle only! these would be very unstable and dangerous when loaded. 



Branded indespension axles units, with a combined load rating sufficient to carry the loaded tank. These units are also bolted on to the axle for ease of any future maintenance, other trailers on the market have the stub axles welded on. This would mean cutting grinding and welding in the future if ever a unit needed replacing.



Tow hitch swivel, this is a important safety factor especially on hilly terrain. If the trailer ever did tip the tow vehicle shall remain on its wheels, ensuring   operator safety. 



Finally the trailer is hot dipped galvanised for longevity and a trailer jockey wheel bolted to ensure the loaded tank can be removed from tow vehicle. Please allow 14 working days during busy periods. /div>



delivery possible either in person or via pallet. please message for a price orwith  tow hitch swivel and drinker trough.different specs and different prices without drinker or swivel etc Once again please do not compare this model with cheaper ones on the market. 



located in Bedale North Yorks  



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Location: Bedale, North Yorkshire